Monday, 30 July 2012

Visitors to my Garden

A few weeks ago, some Black Cockatoos circled a few times and landed in our trees. By the time I raced in and grabbed the camera, I only had time for a couple of shots before they disappeared.

I liked this photo of it in the mist.
A few days ago, they returned. Three of them broke away from the main flock and landed in our White Cedar tree. I'm glad they left when they did, or our poor tree may not have survived.
A few chomps and he was nearly through a fair-sized branch.

Think of a pigeon and triple its size! There you have it!


These great birds come in a RED species as well, but I've only ever seen them in Kakadu National Park. We rescued a young one which had fallen, and took it for care to the ranger's station.

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