Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Spring in Australia

Well, it beats me how, for someone with so much to say, everywhere, continually, how I can forget to sign in to my own blog and write a new one! I totally forgot August.
And now here we are, Winter has faded, bar the strong August winds hanging around like an uninvited visitor.
Spring is here.
About a month ago I saw these swans on a farm dam not far from home. Next day, when I took my camera, they were gone. Weekend after, on another dam. A few days later ... gone. Oh well, it served me right for not gluing my camera to my hand!
 But earlier this week here they were again, back on the original dam, with some lovely little surprises.

Isn't this the most delightful little fluffy being?

Mum, dad and the kids were resting on the grass when I arrived, and despite being quite a distance away, they took themselves off to the farm dam.

The water seems dirty, but they were happy to swim, roll, ooze themselves in ecstasy across and through it.
They didn't seem too worried, but I didn't want to harrass them. Thank you Nikon, for my gorgeous 55mm - 300mm lens!


Four wonderful Spring babies and two loving parents! What a wonderful start to Spring.

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