Friday, 23 November 2012


This week I bought some Seaglass marbles and an end piece ~ the piece they scrape off the glassblower's rod after the completion of the main piece, which could have been something useful, decorative  ... say a bowl, vase, paperweight ...
Anyway, these pieces didn't look much in the Ebay photos, which was good for me, [but of course, not so great for the poor seller!] as noone else bid on them.
What a surprise when they arrived. Old, crusty marbles turned into wonderful treasures with just a little water added. Colours popped and slicked out of the surface, and yielded so many wonderful surprises!

Just waste glass! Well, WASTE NOT WANT NOT!!!!!!

 What a gorgeous thing this is ... mauve and clear, a touch of pink ... beautiful!
This one is really beautiful. Opaque glass, no nicks or deep wounds.

Very dark, just the slightest hint of colour in with the black.

A little Earth from Space!

 Subtle dark green swirls against the black.

Called by the seller ... "Coffee Swirls", it took blowing this beauty up till I could see just how many different layers of colour there were.

I was so happy with these great marbles. Who knows when they were 'born'! But they have a very famous history ~ all were discovered while snorkelling the waters around Murano Island, in Venice! Nowhere is more famous as a glass centre, not even the north-east of England!
I feel so lucky to have acquired these. Some will soon be on their way as Christmas gifts though ... however will I choose?!!!

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