Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Murano Seaglass

Another beautiful Ebay win ~ seaglass from Murano Italy. This time, "Flames"!
Beautiful Murano Sea Glass.
These are now pretty common on both Sea Glass sites I belong to, but each one is different and they deserve their own images.

Not such a great photo!

Really big, a lovely handful of glorious colour!

There don't seem to be any around at the moment for sale, but hopefully they will be back when more can be wrested from the sands around Murano.


  1. Hello,
    I was doing some research and came across your page. I have something you might be interested in:
    My aunt brought back a few of these from her trip to Venice, Italy last year.
    Thank you! :)
    Marci :)

  2. Marci ~ thanks so much!! I honestly have a lot of seaglass, but I know lots of people on the seaglass site seaglassartistsandcollectors.ning would be very interested. Are you a member? There is a section there called Seaglass Market, where sellers can add what they have. It would be well worth you joining, and I know this would be snapped up very quickly! Thank you again, I really appreciate your contacting me!