Thursday, 18 April 2013

Susan's Seahorse

My dear friend  Susan, from New Jersey made me this wonderful seahorse. What a beautiful gift this is, and it brightens my day ~ each and every one of them.
I've never seen anything packed so intricately, but this is such a wonderful work of sea glass art, to take less care in the packing may not have helped it on it's travels!
Here he is, all strapped into his seat for the flight over!

When I unpacked him, I was stunned at the shape!! Truly beautiful! Streamlined and graceful and so true to form!

What a beauty!! I just loved him ~ and still do!! What a gorgeous nose! Just perfect!

I love the way she's made him using seaglass from her area, and one piece of English glass from our friend, Rob, for the heart. It's between the large bottle bottom and the blue fin in this photo.
He spends his seahorsey days hanging from my kitchen window, and as I don't have a dishwasher, I spend a lot of time with him! We keep each other company quite a bit!!
To make this lovely seahorse, Susan used copper wire, and stripped it herself! What a wonderful friend!
Thank you so much Susan!! I love him dearly!

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