Thursday, 1 August 2013

Winter in My Garden

White Cedar seedpods!

August ~ Winter. The Dead of Winter! Yet the sun is shining and the weather's fine. 
As I walked around our garden this morning I was pleased to see so much life.
Flowers, birds, and new leaves on the roses and hibiscus. A bit too early perhaps, as we tend to get frosts in Sept/Oct, but I was happy to be outside and seeing so much life around me.

We let the dandelions grow here, as the lizards enjoy the leaves. 
Ivy growing on the back of the house. Should I trim it? Probably!      

Shy Violets

Christmas Cactus ~ Whoops!

Winter Branches against the sky!

                                                                                         First Cymbidiums flowering, brighten up the yard.

'Rembrandt Masterpiece'! And yes, it is!

Budding Jasmine covers the fence! My neighbour probably hates me, but I love it!

Sunny the Love Bubble, one of our cats, sunning. His supreme talent is finding warm spots.

This magpie was caroling for all she was worth. The music in our yard this morning was sublime! Thank you!

Bird's Nest Fern

Orange Dendrobium ~ these grow like wildfire!
      One lingering hibiscus, but the plants were trimmed today, so there won't be any more flowers for quite a while.
And finally, a lone lemon .....

What a beautiful place, my garden, this morning!

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