Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cards for November and December ~ Yes, I know it's now February!!

I've been making cards for a year, on and off, now.
After starting out with a morning lesson with Jill at Amanda's of Mogo, and enjoying it so much, I've come along slowly, made some wonderful friends who have helped me a lot, and watched Youtube till it's coming out my ears!

Some days I've made nothing, preferring to concentrate on my simple silver-smithing and jewellery-making, but just lately I feel I've turned a bit of a confidence corner, and have started turning out a few that I'm pleased with!

But with the help and support of my lovely friends at Down Under Stampers, I've done these over the last few months.

Using the Lovely as a Tree set from Stampin' Up! And lots of glitter!

Practising sponging. I like the work of Theresa Momber from StampTV, and watch her often. This was one of my early efforts and it's pretty obvious that I still have a lot to learn, but ... getting there!

This set I was happy with! I made a few of these and sent them as my Christmas cards this year! Yes, I was sooooooo born in the wrong hemisphere!

I loved this stamp, from Inkadinkado, I bought it from a lady in England. This is one of my first goes at Copic colouring ... something else I'm not very good at yet, but getting there slowly!

Here are a few others from around that time ...

Well, the attempt at the Southern Cross totally sucked, but I was happy with the rest of it. Had to hand-draw the windmill ... still haven't bought a nice one ,but have found one. On the list!

This one I loved!

Adriana's Birthday card!

Gave this one away at Christmas.

This card went absolutely nowhere! I really don't like the whole 'sliding ink around on glossy paper' thing! BUT, I love the Stampscene [Stampscape?] stamps and will use them way better than this! Sponging is the way to go with these .... for me at least!

This is such a sweet little fairy! I've had her since I was teaching ... bought from the Fairy Shop in Windsor about 20 years ago, it still stamps perfectly1 I loved the way the copic colouring turned out in this one too!

Well, these were my cards for November and December! A mixed bag as I grew in confidence.
A huge thank you to Cheryl, Marcelle, Liz, Karen, Ina, Lindsay, Lorna, Tricia, Sharon and Sally ~ the Down Under Stampers!

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