Saturday, 15 February 2014

When is 'enough', ENOUGH?!

It really surprised me when I looked through my photo files at the cards I've made over the last six weeks or so.
At the moment I think I'm buying for the sake of buying, and not using what I'm getting. Some stamp sets I still haven't used which is pretty ridiculous!
It's hard when you first start off .. you can't make this, because you don't have that ... and it's a constant moan ... "Oh, I wish I could make that! ~ but I don't have the stuff!"
But now I do ... I have basic cardstock in white and Kraft, a bit of black and quite a few colours that could be used for bases.
I have a lot of middle weight card too, the one that's used for adding a strip of colour between the main focal image and the card base! Lots of colours, cheap stuff from Officeworks, but sandwiched in there, it doesn't matter!
And as for top layers, will I have enough Copic card, and plain card and watercolour paper to last quite a while.

I have stamps, and enough inkpads ... I have flowers ... I pick up feathers every day from the myriad birds that visit our yard ... beads and charms ... diamantes and pearls ... OK ... ENOUGH!

So, sharing a few cards that I've made over the last few weeks .....
This didn't work at all ... but it led to the next ones, so I was happy ...

I loved doing these. Once I switched from black to green, [the rubbing over the embossing in the background], I was much happier. These were inspired by the road into Depot Beach on the south coast of NSW just north of Batemans Bay ~ see photos below.

I used the tiny shells that I find at the north of Depot, and some sand from my photo tray.

It took me a while to work out how good the raffia looks when you unfurl it ... better late than never, I guess! I used a double-drilled green seaglass to act as the button.
The road into Depot Beach ... you wind downhill  through rainforest and through the palms ... the road is sandy, often full of sloshy pot-holes, but it's one of those places that fuels and nurtures the soul and a place where I'm always assured of some good photos. Whether it's the plants along the way, an odd Lyrebird, which I'm never quick enough to catch on a photo, or the sea itself. I've taken some of my best dawn photos here ~ it's just a beautiful place to be.  And now I'm taking inspiration for making cards.
Sun through palms ...
Sun through palms ...
Sun through palms ...

Sun through palms ....

 So now I have to say ..."I have enough!" ... and just get on with it ...


  1. I'm so glad I finally have a link to your blog. Your cards are so beautiful, and so calming.

    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  2. I think you are my first ever comment!! Thank you so much Cheryl!!!