Saturday, 17 January 2015

Etsy ~ SeaLights is open again ...

No, that's not a big hint for anyone who visits my blog to go visit my Etsy store .... I'm just very happy to have it open again!

For a long while, I kind of gave up. Nothing much was selling ... I kept making but no one was buying ... and in the end there are just so many Light Catchers and seaglass pendants that you can make! What on earth do you do with them?

So, last time I went to Durras Lake, back in April last year, I put my shop into vacation mode and just left it!

After getting a little positive feedback though from my Sealights FB page, I thought I'd give it another go.

I've also put myself on a waiting list for a Sea Glass Auction group on Facebook, and am hoping she [Jenelle Aubade, the founder] will let me in as a seller. Noone else seems to make the things I do ~ especially the light catchers that I love making so much, so maybe she will see this as something new.

I was looking at my old work as I relisted and edited my things for Etsy! Most of it was OK, but there were a few items that I didn't relist, as I'd scratched the wire!
You have to love what you do ~ which I do! But you also have to do it well, or it's simply not fair to others, who may be spending their hard-earned dollars on what you make, and be disappointed! I would hate that.
So ... from now on in I'm going to pay really careful attention to the absolute basics, such as scratching the wire, nicks in the bezels ... things like that!

Here is my triumph of the day ... I made this little owl pendant, and was so surprised ... STUNNED ... when I held it up to the strong summer sun! My browns became yellows, and were just so beautiful!

And this is why I  work with seaglass! Is there anything more beautiful than this?


  1. You held it up to the strong summer sun?!! That's cruel - it's snowing here! Lovely pendant and gorgeous sea glass. Glad to hear that you reopened your shop, it'll be nice to have another buddy on Etsy...Good Luck!

    1. Thank you so much Fiona, for coming in and leaving this comment! I really appreciate it! Trust me, in the long term the snow will be better for your skin!