Sunday, 20 December 2015

One post this year? Not good! Welcome back, Me!

One post in January ... and it's now December ... what a year! And it's almost over. 

Highlights of the year for me would be the two (almost three) months I spent at our van near Batemans Bay. 
Kangaroos on the beach at North Durras
Rock ripples at Pebbly Beach

Henry would be an inside boy if he could ...

Kangaroos love apple. Pear is now gone, but her son Henry kept me company for the many weeks I was there.

One of Henry's buds!

A lovely seafoam on one of the beaches at Batemans Bay.

During my time there, I car-tripped on down to Eden, just three hours from Batemans Bay, and found I think, the town of my heart. 
Going into Eden ...

Calle Calle Bay, Eden, Far South Coast, NSW

Looking north ...
Looking south ...

Beautiful views from the hotel verandah out over Calle Calle Bay.

Have you ever been to a place that you drove into and thought ... 'Home'! And you drove out of with tears rolling down your face? That was Eden for me!

Staying in a pub was great for the views, but not so good in other respects.

What a beautiful place ... no matter where you go in Eden, you have sea views out into the Tasman on one side and into the bay on  the other.

Beautiful early morning views ...

Wrought ironwork on the pub's verandas
One of the two main lookouts ... this one looks back in to Nullica Bay ...

Eden is a stopover for our whales ... the waters there are rich in krill and the small fish eaten by the baleen whales. they travel up the coast around May, to birth their calves in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef, then travel more slowly south again, bringing their young with them, on their way to the cool waters of the Southern Ocean for the southern summer. 

 Moon over Nullica Bay, Eden ...
Rainbow over Nullica Bay ...

While I was there in September, I was lucky to catch the first of the southern travellers out in Calle Calle Bay. Apart from wanting a bigger lens, I felt very lucky to see them. 
Yes, that's a whale ...

Humpbacks and Southern Right Whales have different blow patterns ... a Southern Right Whale has two blowholes and the spray is V-shaped apparently ... how on earth would you know?

I will end this post, as I've lost the text cursor ... have no clue how to get it back! Arrgghh ... I will never be computer savvy!

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