Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Card Post : Birthdays and Fathers' Day

I am officially hopeless. Every time I go away, I pack a tiny bag of clothes ... and huge tubs of stuff to cater to my two hobbies ~ card-making and jewellery making!
I fill my car to the brim with .... 'stuff'!

Here are a few cards I made while I was away at Batemans Bay.

This went nowhere ... an Art Journal page that didn't get finished! Maybe one day ...

Birthday card for my friend Liz.

Really liked this paper.

Birthday card for Ina.

I made this set of cards using found objects as the embellishment, and my favourite watercolour panels as the base. All these cards have been since sold, two going to Vermont, and two to Cape Breton, Canada.

Simple inserts for all of these, left blank.

Watercolour cards for my vet. I love this stamp by Stampendous ... one of the nicest dragonflies around I think.

Simple signature stamp.

Love these word dies!

So, I guess it's worth taking the tub of card gear away with me when I go. Sadly, I didn't get to do a card class out at Amanda's of Mogo this trip, as she was having a break, but I did do pretty well on my own, and liked the cards I made while I was away.

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