Saturday, 14 April 2012

Broken Dawn ...

This afternoon I found out that a friend's son had died recently, over the Easter Break just a few days past. Not a close friend, but someone I've communicated with, and I've commented often, on her beautiful photos, on a Seaglass site we both belong to.

I can't begin to imagine the emptiness, the desolation she must be feeling right now.

She has one other son, and a daughter, perhaps other children I don't know about, but having the 'many' does not make up for the loss of the 'one'. And the hole left in her heart will be there forever. Nothing in her life will be the same, from the moment he went, as it was for her the day before. 

Surely as time passes, the edges, like seaglass will round and soften, and her deep belief in God will help her find some peace. But the hole will remain.

My heart breaks for her as I think of her pain.
Truly, the loss of a child would be the worst pain a person could feel.

Feather, I'm so sorry!

When I took this photo ten hours ago, I called it "Broken Dawn". I've only just found out why.

Broken Dawn

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