Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Collecting Waves ...

Is this possible? To collect a wave? Of course not. Just a bit of foolishness. Like a snowflake, each and every one is different, a miracle in itself and never to be repeated.

No snowflake ever the same, no wave ever identical to another, and no two people, even twins, will ever be the same.

And none of them will ever be repeated. The moment has been, and gone.

The waves in these photographs I'd like to share, will never be repeated.

Nor will I, nor will you.

Throughout the eons of past and future, there will only ever be one me!

Only ever one you.

And that 'one' has inestimable value! Some intrinsic thing that no-one else possesses, ever will possess!

Everyone we know brings something to our lives, whether it be a hard lesson, or an incredible joy.

And each of us only gets one go at it all ... one bite of the cherry! No rehearsals.

...  one building up...

     ... one rushing along ...

 ... one cresting and glorious crashing onto the beach ...

followed by a slow roll back,

then gone.

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