Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Old Glass from the Sea

Are you a collector? I am!

I collect books! Not old books, or valuable books, just everything I've read ~ in the last ... oh... 40 years or so!

When I left teaching I kept a few, but forced myself, literally, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other forced myself to give my vast collection of resources to the teachers at my son and daughter's school.  Posters, pictures, large print books, Picture books! Teacher's resource books ... everything, from how to do a forward roll to how to construct a sentence! All of it went!
In retrospect, it was the right thing to do! But it was hard!

But novels?? No way! I couldn't part with a novel! And I do re-read almost everything! But toss them? Give them away? Nope! Sorry! Just can't do it! I do lend books though, and often don't get them back. That ticks me off well and truly. I'm like an elephant! I! Will! Never! Forget! Especially if they were by my favourite authors! [The six earliest books written by Kathy Reichs spring to mind here .... Grrrr!]

Now ... what does all this have to do with old glass?

Well, it does, for my newest passion, is SEAGLASS ~

Old glass, old thick glass that's been around for many, many decades. 

Very old, thick olive glass. Section of a bottle base.
 Very beautiful glass, tumbled and tossed, rolled and sanded to perfection.

A lovely grey-blue egg, collected on Seaham beach and sent by a friend.

A new perfection that perhaps it's original makers would never recognise, but a perfection that has me, and thousands like me, out combing beaches, taking photographs, sharing those images with like-minded seaglassers all over the world!

Wonderful aqua glass, collected from a beach in North-east England by another friend.
 There is nothing quite like stepping onto a beach, any beach [but preferably one with pebbles], knowing that the tide is on it's way out, and wondering what it has left behind for you.
Mosquito Bay, just south of Batemans Bay, NSW, a pebbly beach near a boat ramp. Both good signs of seaglass!
It may not be old glass that you find, perhaps a shell, or a living urchin that needs a helping hand to get back to the sea.

Urchins at Catherine Hill Bay, NSW. Returned safely to the sea.
 I've learned much about the tides and phases of the moon, although I've always found this stuff totally fascinating, and have studied it before at Uni.
Now though, I'm very conscious of the moon and the weather as an integral part of my everyday life. Every night and every morning, I check to see the position of the moon.

So...  as well as books, [and many other things], I now collect seaglass, and photos of seaglass. 
And photos of the moon .... 

                                               ... and DAWNS ...
                                                           ... and waves ...
And to finish, is this the moon? Or ...................

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