Thursday, 5 April 2012

However to begin ...

How on Earth do you begin a blog ... a very first blog ... as a 'Seadragon'!

I'm such a 'verbose' person, I thought it would be easy! I always have so much to say, to everyone! I must drive my friends totally nuts! They're far too kind to say, but I'm sure this is true! I'm just lucky to have such well-mannered, sweet friends, I guess. I know this is true.
But I always have so darned much to say, and take so many, too many photos to post on the sites I belong to ... so here I am ~ blogging!

Looking north along the Illawarra Escarpment
I chose Seadragon as my blogging name because this is the Year of the Dragon, and I am a Water Dragon! Only twice in any human's life will this occur, and I certainly don't remember the first time!
Twelve Chinese signs in rolling rotation,  and five elements -again, each taking their turn, so yes, only twice in 60 years do you get this chance. Your birth year and your year of complete cycles, [which I'm certain the Chinese have a proper name for].
I just slipped in at the end of that Water dragon year, early 1953, so I'm 59 rather than  60, beginning this blog. 
                            I will consider myself a youngster!!! 

Contemplating Life  ~ Seagull at Batemans Bay, NSW
Life truly is so fleeting, and we waste so much of it. If only you could have it over again when you get to my age, but start at a point chosen by you! Thirty-five would be good!
But I want to take everything I know now with me!! 

My Rapture with The Ocean began at eighteen months when my nervously-new, protective parents ventured timidly from the bush to the shores of Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW, for our very first family holiday!
         One look was all it took! Just one look ... famous song, yes,
         but that's how it was! Skinny little legs twinkling surf-wards,
         tripping in the sand, flat on tiny face, laughing uncontrollably
         through the unexpected mouthfuls of sand and salt!
         Again and again and again!
         And I kept it up all that day ...
         ... and forever!

The view across Beagle Bay towards North Durras, where we have our van. One of the most beautiful places on the Ocean's Edge.
 I have swum in it, floated on it, dived in it, photographed it, from above and below! I have helped with research into and holidayed on and beside it ... always near the sea.
Walking and collecting, painting [badly!] and drawing [even worse!], writing and pretending to be a poet ...
... yes, like many, many millions across the globe, The Ocean is a source of perpetual fascination to me.
I have a huge respect for the Ocean, her moods and fickle emotions, never underestimating her force and power. Her beauty and timelessness, so constantly challenged by the invasion of Man.
How brave were those who first set sail or oars upon her. To head off into the Great Blue Unknown ... so brave.

Today is  Good Friday. A day to contemplate and reaffirm your beliefs.
And to send Good Wishes and Happy Thoughts to friends embarking on adventures a world away.
A day to cherish your family.
Take care, and walk with light steps upon the Earth.

Early Morning Light

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