Friday, 8 August 2014

Cards for our Wonderful Vet!

Our wonderful vets, at the Penrith Vet Hospital, are kind and caring! I guess all vets would have to be, to do the job they do.
And when the saddest time of all comes, the time to say goodbye, our vets send a card afterwards. The nurses and girls in  the office write personal messages on them, and they are really lovely to get.

Not many vets do this it seems, and I've kept the two cards that have come to me. I always will keep these in memory of Ellie and Baxter, two sweet pooches who lived long and happy lives as part of out family.

A friend in England tells me her vet just sends the bill.

AS I got further into this card-making hobby, I learned that quite a few of the ladies in my group make cards for good causes ... some go to cancer clinics, others overseas to soldiers, so that they might have something to send home to loved ones, and another girl makes them for bereaved parents of newborns.

I thought I would make some so that my vet would have a supply to send out when needed.

I chose to do these on watercolour paper and using a technique that's really simple.

All you do is scribble/smudge some water colours onto an acrylic block, spray with water and gently lay the watercolour paper onto the block. As the paper soaks up the colour, beautiful patterns form.
Each and every one is different.

You can use any water-based ink pad or marker for this technique. I use my Distress ink pads, and also Marvy Markers.

It's taken me a while to get the colour combinations I'm really happy with, but I think I'm there now, with the pelicans. I was aiming for quiet and peaceful.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you can return another time.


  1. Yes, you have definitely nailed it with the pelicans, these are gorgeous and just right for such a sad occasion! How lovely that your local vet goes that extra mile for his (her?) clients. Our vet just sends a bill too and never a small one!

  2. Fiona ~ Hi!! How are you? Yes, that last sentence is exactly what Janette said ... word for word. How sad is that?! Yes, I think I'll keep going back to the pelicans ... it was an easy watercolour combination, and it seemed to me to be quiet and peaceful. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!

  3. I love these cards! The water color backgrounds are just beautiful, and I love how they are all different with this technique! And so peaceful with the muted tones. These are perfect for helping people deal with the loss of their pets.

    1. Thankyou Lisa. Yes, it's a pretty sad time, and when I got one of their cards, I thought it was such a nice thing for them to do. I make about 30 a month, and the watercolour technique is quick and easy, but I think it still looks nice. Thank you for your lovely comment.