Friday, 8 August 2014

Cards ...

On my last visit to Durras Lake, just north of Batemans Bay, I think it was back in June last year [2013] ~  I ran out of things to do! Pretty unusual for me, but I went out to the bead shop at Mogo, looking for a new embossing folder for metal discs so I could make some earrings.
'Try Amanda's down the road', said Annie.
A short walk later, I wended my way into Amanda's of Mogo! Only once have I seen so much stuff crammed into the one space, at that was in the general store in Hammondville back in 1992!

Now, I've written about doing this card course before, but not in detail ...

OMG! Stuff everywhere ... but no new embossing folders.

Now, Amanda's is a card and papercrafting shop ... filled to the brim, overflowing the eaves, with lovely, pretty, beautiful stuff!

There is no passing in the aisles at Amanda's!

I've always been a sucker for pretty papers, coloured pencils, stamps! Being a teacher I already had lots of stamps and stamp pads in basic 'teaching' colours! BUT THEY COME IN RAINBOWS! Who knew? Not just rainbows, every shade of every colour of the rainbow!

What a discovery!
So I booked myself in for a card-making morning ... all things supplied!

Jill is a lovely girl and taught the class well and with great patience! The only thing about the morning was the 'closeness' ... I prefer to have a little more space around me, but what a learning experience it was.
We walked away with three cards, and I walked away with three stamp pads, two stamps and some 12" x 12" papers that I had absolutely no idea what to do with!
For a long time I didn't do much with my new 'skills', just added a few photos to cards ... but at least I knew now which card to get and how to score it.
I started buying things I thought would be handy ...  a few stamp pads ...  and stamps of course ... never thought in a million years I would buy flowers or lace, but lately, yes, I've even been into that! Pearls too!

After joining StampTV and meeting a group of wonderful Aussie girls my knowledge has grown. I've posted a few photos.
Everyone seems to have a blog and show how they make their cards ... not me! I just like sharing my photos.

This stamp by Michael Powell, was sent to me by my dear friend Sue in Weston Super Mare. So I stamped it, coloured it with Copics and sent it back to her as a 'Thank You' card.
Emboss Resist Ferns
I loved doing this, but had no idea till I thought I'd finished, that you had to the back as well. I'll be better prepared next time.
This was fun!
Dad! Age : 16-and-a-half!
Learning to use my new daisy edge punch.
Learning to use Designer paper!

This one went to my friend Janette in Sunderland! Winter there is a pretty bitter affair!


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